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Phone : +91 998-559-1555 / 935-399-4761

Phone : +91 998-559-1555 / 935-399-4761


Crisalix 3D Consultation

Unsure of the difference between 300cc and 400cc? Want a natural result? Wondering how you could look after surgery? Want to look like a specific celebrity? Simulate your new you for free during a consultation with Dr N. Jithendran who is one of the select few Plastic Surgeons in Bengaluru and even in India offering this Game-Changing and Futuristic Technology. Simply Click below and Take 3 pictures of your face, breast, or body with a mobile phone or camera, or ask a friend to do so. Then securely upload them to your Crisalix account & visualize your face, breast, or body in 3D for free. At the end of the consultation, the doctor will give you access so that you can view your 3D from home on your own device and even share them with friends and family to gain more advice and opinions. Just Request a 3D Consultation and mirror your New You in 3D

What Makes Dr.Jithendran Unique


50% less time in Operation Theater


30% less time for Post Surgical Recovery


Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Problems


Less exposure to anaesthesia, quicker recovery, less chances of infection

Dr. N. Jithendran expertises in

Cosmetic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

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2nd Annual Conference of Karnataka Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons.


Bengaluru doctor re-attaches 1-year-old girl's toe severed in bike accident


Delivering a talk on industrial accident in one of the Biotechnlogy Industries.

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Before and after



Vijay Bhaskar

“My husband Mr. Vijaybhaskar had a H.T(11kb) power shock and fell from electrical pole more than 9 meters in sirugappa. Sevier injuries to left hand with multiple breakages(no pulse in hand) and burns to leg initially took him 4 hospitals. After coming to sparse hospital by the time it’s almost 21hours. Dr. Jithendran sir responded immediately and made the surgery for hand(save the hand) and he is very supportive n having lot of experience in the field and saves my husband limb. Thanks u sir”

Vijay Bhaskar

Srinivas Kar

“I had fractured n ligament issue in my left hand ring finger. I went through the surgery by Dr Jithendra sir. He is very polite, humble and very professional. He is easily reachable even through his busy schedule. He is always ready to help the patients. Patients have get confidence due his great knowledge n skill well experience. Only one consultant is sufficient to make the patient confident.”

Srinivas Kar


“Well experienced and behavior. While listening his explanation will improve our confidence. Overall good experience.”



“It’s nice to see good human being with the doctor n response we’ll Like to be see all the doctors like him in all the hospitals”


Nagesh Gouda

“Superb talent, Good nature, well response, we felt happy……”


Nagesh Gouda


“I m happy with my treatment and his patients caring, friendliness with them and every day positive speeches, modern skills of treatment.”




Infected Tendoachiles withTendon loss

A middle aged teacher had been referred to plastic surgery following infection of repair of tendoachilles tendon.

Osteoplastic Reconstruction of Thumb

A young adult had a traumatic amputation of his right thumb in a press machine. Areplantation of the thumb was done.

Microtia Reconstruction Successful Surgery

One 8 young female child presented with Microtia of the right ear. She was investigated and then prepared for ear
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