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Phone : +91 998-559-1555 / 935-399-4761

Phone : +91 998-559-1555 / 935-399-4761

Correction of square face

Correction of square face

Recommended in people who have a squared jaw line, enlarged jaw muscle, enlarged jaw bone and dissatisfied with the appearance

What is square face surgery?

The shape of the face is formed by bony structures underlying the skin. The cheeks, nose, jaw bones and muscles and the chin form the important components for a perfect contouring of the face. Square face can develop in females possibly due be:

  • The enlargement of the lower jaw bone
  • The enlargement and thickening of the masseter muscle which governs the movement of the lower jaw
  • Accumulation of fat in the cheeks

A square face might be considered as a positive trait in males, but this gives a masculine look to the females. As it is said that beauty is not skin deep alone, but also depends on the accurate placement of the facial components, a face which is square shaped can distort the natural beauty in women. Therefore, the square face in women as well as in men needs alteration which can give women an almond-shaped face, and men a sleek and handsome look.

A square face can be converted into a slim face or oval face with a face surgery. The surgery for correcting the square face includes correction of the respective deformities with suitable surgeries. Liposuction to remove the cheek fat, a rhinoplasty (plastic surgery for the nose) accompanied by chin augmentation, andan orthognathic surgery for the jaw bone reduction, all help to correct the square face. For a thickened and enlarged jaw muscle, surgery to decrease the muscle is performed. The surgery for muscle reduction is performed through the mouth.

Who would eligible for the surgery?

The surgery is recommended in people who have

  • A squared jaw line
  • Enlarged jaw muscle
  • Enlarged jaw bone and dissatisfied with the appearance

The surgery may not be indicated in the individuals below 18 years, as till 18 years of age, the jaw bone continues to grow. Individuals without any facial bones’ misplacement are not suitable for the surgery.

What are the types of surgeries?

Square face correction can be performed either of the procedures based on the suitability. The surgical methods are:

  • Liposuction of the chin, cheek and jaw area – This procedure is done to remove the excess fat in these areas that is responsible for the square face.
  • Cutting the jaw bone – The procedure is followed for the individuals who have an extended jaw bone which is a congenital defect.
  • Reducing the size of the lower jaw muscle – This is done in individuals in whom the muscle becomes enlarged and strengthened due to excessive chewing or grinding of teeth.

A combination of these different surgeries can also help to reduce the square face.

How should I prepare for the surgery?

The surgery takes about few hours. It is performed by giving a general anesthesia. You require to complete your blood workup, Ct- scans and anaesthesia checkup before surgery. You need to keep your stomach empty for at least 8 hours before the surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on what medicines to take before and after the surgery. Avoid medicines that increase the risk of bleeding (aspirin-like drugs). Smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped as it may interfere with the healing after the surgery.

What happens during the surgery?

Your surgeon plans for the specific procedure that is most suitable for you depending on your condition. For any type of surgical procedure, firstly you will be given general or local anesthesia.

Jaw muscle reduction: The procedure is done through the mouth. It involves removing the excess muscle to decrease the size. This makes the muscle smooth, and the face appears oval. There are no scars as no incision is made on the skin of the face.

Orthognathic surgery:Your surgeon will cut the bone and readjust it. If required, the surgeon uses metal plates and screws to keep the jaw bone in place.

Chin correction and rhinoplasty: An enlarged nose is usually followed by a diminished chin. Chin correction along with rhinoplasty is performed in this situation.

What is aftercare of the surgery?

You may have to stay for a day in the hospital after the surgery.There will be some pain and swelling for a few days. Your doctor would recommend you to wear a compression bandage for first 3 days after the surgery, and after going home for an additional 1-2 weeks. You may have to keep yourself away from active work for 2-3 weeks. You can resume normal activities after about 2-3 days. Complete recovery to normal takes about 7-14 days after the muscle reduction surgery. For anorthognathic surgery, few months is required for the complete recovery.

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