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Phone : +91 998-559-1555 / 935-399-4761

Phone : +91 998-559-1555 / 935-399-4761

Lip Lift, Augmentation, Reduction

Lip Lift, Augmentation, Reduction

Suitable in patients with invisible upper teeth, sunken lips, and in people who have large lips after a lip augmentation surgery

What are Lip Lift, Lip Augmentation, and Lip Reduction?

Beautiful lips are the desire for everyone. Perfect lips with a beautiful smile give a soothing and pleasant feeling. The lips which are pouty, are youthful and attractive.

The features of beautiful lips are:

  • They are 1.1cm below the lower end of the nose.
  • They have a well-shaped cupid’s bow
  • They have a degree of fullness

Lip lift is a surgical procedure to reduce the space between the upper lip and the nose. The procedure elevates the upper lip making the smile more youthful and relaxed. Lip lift shortens the upper lip, removes the signs of aging by enhancing the appearance of the lips, gives the lips a more cupid’s bow look, and gives more fullness to the lips.

Lip augmentation is the surgical procedure to make the very thin lips bolder giving a fuller and confident smile. Dermal fillers are being more frequently used for the purpose. Various types of dermal fillers are available for the lip augmentation.

Cosmetic lip augmentation consists of the enlargement and reshaping of otherwise normal lips to improve their dimensional relation with the patient’s nose, teeth, and surrounding facial structures

Lip reduction is indicated in individuals who have large lips which make them self-conscious. The large lips could have an unpleasant and unsatisfactory look. These can be a result of previous lip augmentation, or may be due to any accident or may be present right from the birth. Lip reduction is a procedure where the asymmetrical lips are resized to have a harmony between the two lips.

Types of the surgeries

Lip Lift:

There are various types of lip lift procedures performed at our clinic, which are:

  • Upper lip lift – The distance between the upper lip and the nose is reduced, thus exposing the upper teeth a little during the short opening of the lip.
  • Corner lip lift – The edges of the mouth are corrected to displace the frown on the face.

Lip Augmentation:

It Is done by injecting the following

Restylane, a non-animal, clear gel that is reported to be very close to the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body The substance usually lasts six months and, sometimes, longer.

Juvederm is extremely chemically close to Restylane.

Fat transfer– Fat from the thighs is removed and injected into the lips giving permanent results. There is no risk of allergic reaction. But, if you gain weight, your lips may enlarge as the fat cells in your lips also enlarge. It is suitable for the people who do not wish for the foreign matter to be implanted into their lips.

Lip Reduction: The latest procedure followed for the lip reduction is the “Bikini” excision of the lips. The upper lip is sliced in the shape of 2 cups with a connection between them. From the lower lip, a small triangular slice of tissue is excised.

Which individuals would benefit from the surgery?

Lip lift procedure would benefit the individuals who have a large space (>1.1cm) between the upper lip and the tip of the nose. Individuals in whom the upper teeth are not visible when the lips are slightly open also benefit from the lip lift. Individuals with a frown smile or down-turned corners on their face are suggested to have the corner lip lift.

Lip augmentation: People can undergo lip augmentation if they have sunken lips and are in good health.

Lip reduction: People who have large lips after a lip augmentation surgery can benefit from the surgery.

Which individuals are not suitable for the surgery?

The lip lift surgery is not performed in the individuals who have an active skin disorder on the face or in the area to be treated. It is not recommended if the patient has active cold sores.

Lip augmentation is not indicated in the individuals who have cold sores, lip scarrings, blood clotting problems and any disease like diabetes or lupus.

Lip reduction is not suitable for individuals with diseases, active cold sores, and excessive scarrings.

Preparation for the surgery

Before performing any lip surgery, enquire the surgeon about the details of the surgery. Clarify all your doubts regarding the surgery. Your surgeon will enquire about your medical history or the medicines that are being used. Convey your requirements to the surgeon clearly so that a there is a desired outcome. Stop taking any aspirin or like drugs to prevent bleeding after the surgery. You may have to stop smoking a week before and till 2 weeks after the surgery.

What happens during the surgery?

Lip Lift-

The surgery takes about for an hour and is performed in the hospital or on an out-patient basis. Local anesthesia is recommended for the procedure. The surgery is performed by two ways: By cutting the skin beneath the nose, and by cutting over the outer lining of the lips. An incision is made, the skin and the tissues are removed, thus exposing 1/8th part of the upper teeth. This way, the upper lips get broadened and elevated.

For a corner lip lift, the corners of the mouth are lifted with the dissolvable sutures. Care should be taken such that the lifting does not result in a “JOKER SMILE”. Here, utmost care is taken so that the minute mistake is also not performed which results in the abnormal smile.

Lip augmentation –

The surgeon will use topical anesthesia for injections. The injections of hyaluronic acid are injected into the lips or around the mouth. The injected area is treated with ice without any pressure to ease pain and swelling.

The procedure for the fat transfer involves the removal of fat cells from one area and injecting it into the lips.

The implants are placed in the small tunnels made at the corners of the mouth through incisions. The implant is then threaded.

Lip reduction –

The surgery involves the thin slicing of the tissue of the lips. The surgeon makes an incision along the lip, removes a thin section of the tissue from the inside of the lips, and then sutures the incision. Both the lips can be operated during the same procedure.

What is the aftercare of the surgery?

Lip Lift – Minimal bruising and minimal discomfort are expected after the surgery. If there is any bruising, it will recede in 7-10 days. You can get back to your normal activities after 7-10 days of rest. You need to take precautions not to put stress on the surgical area. Avoid sleeping with extra pillows as this can exert a force on the sutures.

Lip augmentation – If injections are used, you would be sent home on the same day. If the fat transfer surgery is used, the results are supple and natural as the patient’s tissue is used for the procedure. You can return to normal activities after a day of the surgery. Complete recovery may take about a week’s time or 2 in some. For implants used, sutures on the outside of the mouth will be removed after 10 days. The sutures inside will dissolve in 10 days time. There may be numbness and stiffness in the lips, which will return to normal after few days.

Lip reduction – Swelling is the major concern after the lip reduction surgery, which may reduce depending upon the individual. The usual decrease occurs after 1-2 weeks. The bruising and the scars are common after the surgery. You should avoid acidic food which can aggravate your scars. Sleeping with 2 pillows for the first 2 weeks after the surgery can help you to elevate your head and heal faster. You can resume normal activities in 10 days of the surgery. You must avoid strenuous exercises for up to 2 months.

When will the results be seen?

Lip lift – The immediate improvement in the shape of the lip would be seen instantly, but there could be swelling after the surgery. It would take 3-5 days for the swelling to reduce. The outcome of the surgery will be seen after 2-3 weeks.

Lip augmentation – The results will be seen immediately after the treatment, but accompanied by minor swelling. This swelling will disappear in a week, so the outcome which is more or less the same will be seen after one week.

Lip reduction –The results of the lip reduction surgery will be seen after 3 – 4 months.

Postsurgical Considerations

Lip lift – There is swelling which will fade in 3-5days of time. Bleeding is uncommon after the surgery. There may be an infection after your surgery; antibiotics should be used as prescribed. Keloid scarring is rare but specific treatment can help to remove the scarrings.

Lip augmentation – The risks involved when fat transfer is done is that there may be infection, swelling, bleeding or minor discomfort at the site of fat removal or the surgical area. The discomfort lasts for a week or so if fillers are used and lasts for 3 weeks if implants are used.

Lip reduction – The risks of the surgery include swelling, allergic reaction to the anesthetic and numbness in the lips, which will fade away after few days of the surgery.

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