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Open Ankle Joint Injury

A middle aged gentleman was injured in a mine accident resulting in an Open fracture disclocationof the ankle joint. He was managed by...

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Open Both Bone Leg Injury

Young Adult met with a road traffic accident resulting in Open fracture of left leg. with crush amputation of teh great toe, degloving....

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Open Knee Joint Injury

A Gentleman presented to the emergency room following a road traffic accident resulting in...Friction burns over the posterolateral aspect of right arm ..

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Infected Tendoachiles withTendon loss

A middle aged teacher had been referred to plastic surgery following infection of repair of tendoachilles tendon.

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Osteoplastic Reconstruction of Thumb

A young adult had a traumatic amputation of his right thumb in a press machine. Areplantation of the thumb was done.

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Microtia Reconstruction Successful Surgery

One 8 young female child presented with Microtia of the right ear. She was investigated and then prepared for ear

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Heel Pad Avulsions

24 year old male was walking on a foot path when a lorry driver dozed off while driving and lost control over the lorry which..

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Puffy Nipple - Liposuction and Glandular Excision

A young adult presented with bilateralgynecomastia with request for reduction. He underwent liposuction and glandular reduction.

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Invasive Fungal Infection success story

A gentleman in his 30's was electrocuted and received contact burns over his scalp and left upper limb. he was treated elsewhere initially....

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Non-healing Ulcer Dorsum Foot - Diabetic with FilarialLymphdema

One 72 year old gentleman was presented with non-healing ulcer over the dorsum left foot for several months.

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GiantFibroadenoma Excision - Minimal Scarring

A Young female in her late teens presented with swelling in right breast for past 8 months.She underwent excision of…

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